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Martin Wilson was born in Skipton, North Yorkshire where he trained and worked as an engineer and continued working in the trade for sixteen years. Martin battled with substance addiction for over sixteen years until he sought help in October 2012 and he remains sober five and a half years later.


 Three years ago, Martin gave up his position as an engineer to pursue a new career in photography and is now completing a BA (Hons) degree in photography where he has committed all his efforts to learn the skills needed to become a successful photographer and has received commissions including work for Nigel Haworth, the Michelin starred chef. He produced thirty "atmospheric" black and white photographs of the Ribble Valley landscape, focusing on the three rivers in the area for permanent display at The Three Fishes, one of the Ribble Valley Inns.


 This year Martin has focused on macro photography, working closely with entomologists at The Manchester Museum to produce high-quality macro photographs of their insect specimens and is holding an exhibition there in September this year. To coincide with the exhibition the museum will be launching a line of products including prints which showcase Martin's macro photography of endangered insects of the UK. Recently he has been selected as a finalist in two categories ('Places' and 'Things') in the Association of Photographers 2018 student awards.


Martin aims to follow a career as a commercial photographer, specialising in environmentally focussed commisions.